FlashCast Thursdays (#FCT)

Up to $500 reward

Ends December 31, 2022

On randomly selected Thursdays through Dec. 31, 2022, make a forecast on any topic and be entered for a reward worth up to $500. One or multiple winners may be selected. We’ll make a site announcement and post to Twitter (@INFERpub) in the morning Eastern Time of each #FCT, and you’ll have until 10am ET the following day to enter.

General note about rewards: Winners will receive their reward via money transfer through the apps, Gusto (U.S.) or Veem (outside U.S.). We can only fulfill reward payments for individuals residing internationally in countries supported by Veem. INFER rewards and challenges are completely voluntary. If you choose to participate, there may be instances, such as for team-related challenges or to claim a reward, where you may need to identify yourself by sharing personal information, including your email address, with your teammates and/or the INFER team. If you do not feel comfortable providing this information, you do not need to participate. INFER reserves the right to modify challenge guidelines or reward amounts. 

Tip: Mention someone by typing @username