Meet Our Ambassadors


Foretell Ambassadors serve as community leaders for the project, recruiting new forecasters and leading their own forecasting teams.

Ambassadors are currently pursuing graduate degrees or have professional experience in public policy, security, political science, economics, foreign service, law and business. Ambassadors are tapping their networks across the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Abidemi Adebamiwa

Claremont Graduate University

Ph.D. in Political Science and International Politics

t: @adebami77 | LinkedIn

Mauricio Bastien

Inter-American Development Bank

Citizen Security and Justice Consultant

t: @Mau_Bastien | LinkedIn

Saaima Bholat

U.S. Department of State

Office of Foreign Missions

Mariana Diaz Garcia

Research Fellow

UN Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute

t: @MarianaDiaz_Ga |LinkedIn

Shaun Ee

Peking University

Master of Economics

Gabriela Garay

Government of Honduras

Monitoring Specialist


Olavo Guimarães

Mudrovitsch Advogados

Antitrust Attorney


Aisha Gurung

Effective Altruism Nepal

Co-Founder and Core Team Member


Lennart Heim

Effective Altruism Zürich


e: [email protected] | t: LinkedIn

Max Kushnir

Georgetown University

Master of Science in Foreign Service

Yifan Liu

Georgia Institute of Technology

PhD, Data Science and Policy

Andro Mathewson

The HALO Trust

Capability Support Officer

t: @andro_mathewson

Nick Smith

Georgetown University

Master of Business Administration

Master of Science in Foreign Service


Constance Tyne

Brown University

Master of Public Affairs


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