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Started Apr 21, 2022 04:00PM UTC   •   Closing Apr 01, 2023 03:59AM UTC

From April 2022 through March 2023, what will be the highest number of ACLED recorded protests/riots in a single calendar month in Lebanon?

Economic and political crises in Lebanon have led to an increase in anti-government protests and riots in recent years (CBS News). Additionally, rising food prices have led to riots among citizens as arguments over food and other necessities turned violent (Reuters).  

This question will be resolved using the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data (ACLED) project’s dashboard. To count the number of protests and riots in Lebanon for a given time period: 
  • Adjust the “Event Date” filter to the relevant dates. 
  • Select “Riots” and “Protests” from the event type filter. 
  • Select “Lebanon” from the Region filter. 
  • Click “Apply Filters” 
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