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Which country will have published the second most top tiered journal articles on artificial intelligence in 2022?

Question will be resolved using Microsoft Academic Graph data from the OECD’s policy observatory’s data on AI research. The link will take you to the “AI publication time series by country” page. Set the following parameters for the data: 

  • Quality Rankings: Top 10% 
  • Publication Type: Journal 
  • Scale: Absolute Number 
See here for more information about the OECD’s methodology and the Microsoft Academic Graph data. Question will be suspended on 30 November 2022 and resolved when the OECD database is updated.  

New to AI? Check out our blog post on AI competitiveness for a list of resources to jumpstart your research. To learn more about the OECD data and how it's used by policy makers, check out this video.

Question clarification
Issued on 04/29/22 04:16pm
For the purposes of this question, "country" refers to the states and political unions that the OECD AI Policy Observatory lists under the "Country" variable. While the European Union is not one country, the data source does include "EU (27)" as an option under the "Country" parameter.
This question has been suspended.
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