Which of the following companies will announce a new neuromorphic chip or system by 30 June 2023?

Started Jul 14, 2022 07:00PM UTC
Closed Jul 01, 2023 03:59AM UTC

In September of 2021, Intel announced its second generation neuromorphic chip (Intel). Neuromorphic computing promises increased computational power and decreased energy consumption, both of which are needed to fully realize the potential of Artificial Intelligence (Forbes, Quanta). 

This question will be resolved using official announcements posted on the newsrooms or media pages of each of the companies. 

The question will be resolved as “yes” for each company if they introduce a new neuromorphic chip (e.g. the Loihi2) or system (e.g. Pohoiki Springs) on or before 30 June 2023 in their local time. Announcements about the application of existing chips or systems that the company has already developed will not count (e.g., BrainChip's May 16th announcement about Mercedes using BrainChip’s neuromorphic chip in its EQXX Concept Car).

A neuromorphic chip is a single piece of integrated circuiting (IC) hardware capable of native neuromorphic computing. A neuromorphic system is a system that is composed of one or more neuromorphic chips. Typically, they comprise many chips to handle much bigger loads than a single chip is designed to handle. Because neuromorphic chips are not commercially available (unlike ordinary computing chips), such systems must be built and made accessible (through the cloud) by the manufacturers themselves, and assigned names, such as Pohoiki Springs. For the purposes of this question, any system that contains at least one neuromorphic computing chip and has been announced as such is a neuromorphic system will be considered a neuromorphic system.

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Resolution Notes

Intel announced Kapoho Point, a compact neuromorphic system based on their Loihi 2 chip.

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