Started Sep 15, 2022 07:00PM UTC   •   Closing Oct 26, 2022 03:59AM UTC

In the next edition of the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings, will there be 6 or more Chinese universities with a research score of 60 or greater in computer science?

This question will resolve using the 2023 THE World University Rankings by subject (Computer Science) for resolution. THE is planning to release the next edition of the World University Rankings by subject on 26 October 2022. Note that the exact link may change once the next edition of the rankings is released.

Ensure that the following filters are set: Show me universities best for research in China offering any subject. These options are all available via drop-down menus. 

Note that the Research score (not Rank or Overall score) must be greater than or equal to 60. For example, in the current rankings, the University of Science and Technology of China has an overall score of 62.8, but has a research score of 56.2 and consequently would not count.

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