What will be the highest average price recorded for a gallon of diesel in the U.S. between 6 Feb 2023 and 10 Apr 2023?

Started Feb 10, 2023 08:00PM UTC
Closing Apr 10, 2023 04:00AM UTC

On 5 Feb 2023, the European Union banned imports of diesel fuel and other petroleum products imports from Russia (Associated Press, Al Jazeera). This move has created uncertainty in the global oil and gas market as countries reroute imports and exports in response (S&P Global, CNN).  

This question will resolve using “On-Highway Diesel Fuel Prices” for the U.S. as reported by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Prices are reported weekly, and this question will resolve on the price of diesel between the weeks of 6 February 2023 and 10 April 2023. A graph showing the price of diesel over the past year is below.

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