What percentage of global semiconductor revenue will come from the Americas region in 2024?

Started Jul 09, 2024 04:30PM UTC
Closing Jan 01, 2025 05:00AM UTC

Semiconductors are a foundational component of modern electronics, powering everything from smartphones to military systems to advanced medical equipment (Investopedia, SIA). Consequently, trends in semiconductor markets could signal upcoming shifts in consumer technology, industrial output, and even geopolitical dynamics.

The World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) predicts semiconductor revenue in the Americas to rise to $168 billion in 2024 (WSTS). This would account for 27.5% of predicted worldwide billings for the year, up from 25.5% in 2023.

Resolution Criteria:

This question will be resolved by using the Total Year data for 2024 in the Americas and Worldwide in WSTS’ Historical Billings Report, expected to be available in early 2025. 

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