How will the combined annual dollar amount of DoD contracts with the "Big 5" tech companies change over the next three years?

Started Aug 26, 2021 07:15PM UTC
Closed Jan 13, 2022 12:00AM UTC

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Data and resolution details. This question includes prime and sub contracts between the Department of Defense and Alphabet Inc., Inc., Apple Inc., Facebook Inc., Microsoft Inc., and their subsidiaries. It resolves based on data from Bloomberg Government available 90 days after the end of each forecast period. Bloomberg Government collates data from (formerly the Federal Procurement Data System).

The historical and forecasted values are a four-quarter rolling sum. Forecasting for each six-month period ends halfway through the period. The historical data displayed below will be updated with data through 2021 Q2 on approximately October 1, 2021. The four-quarter sum through 2021 Q1, not represented in the graph, is $878 million.

Note that data available from Bloomberg Government (and capture only obligated amounts: the amount that is obligated or de-obligated in a transaction. To read more about the difficulty measuring DoD contracts with Silicon Valley, see Jack Poulson's "Reports of a Silicon Valley/Military Divide Have Been Greatly Exaggerated."


The historical data underlying the graph is here.

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