INFER's Pro Forecaster Program

2024 Season 

The 2024 Pro Forecaster Program is made up of INFER's most accurate and engaged forecasters, as well as a few top forecasters with proven track records on similar forecasting sites. Pros are paid to make forecasts that contribute to INFER's mission to advance the forecasting capability and analytical rigor behind U.S. policymaking.

About the Role 

The primary role of a Pro Forecaster is to provide regularly updated forecasts, committing 8-10 hours per month to the activity. Pros are asked to:

  • Forecast weekly (preferred) or bi-weekly (at a minimum) to ensure that they are generating timely forecasts: this includes submitting new forecasts and updating prior forecasts to indicate how their perspective has changed;

  • Write thoughtful rationales consistent with forecasting best practices;

  • Forecast on questions for which we need data: we might ask them to focus on specific questions in a given month. Be vigilant about forecasting on questions that have less activity or are closing soon;

  • Stay up to date on the questions that are active on INFER and proactively find relevant information to inform their forecasts; and

  • Attend occasional virtual meetings and events with other INFER Pro Forecasters.

Benefits & Rewards

  • Earned compensation - Pros earn USD 200 per month for every month they complete as a Pro. Payments are dispersed quarterly through Gusto (U.S.) or Veem. 

  • Professional credentials - Experience as a Pro can be added to a resume, Linked In profile, and similar social platforms to boost professional credentials.

  • Community - Pros learn alongside a team of highly accurate and passionate forecasters and grow their professional network. Pros also collaborate as a cohort and within their smaller teams through dedicated channels, such as our Pro Discord server and forecasting meetups.

  • Development of forecasting skill - Pros have access to forecaster training resources aiming to improve individual forecasting accuracy and hone best practices. 

  • Contributions to government analysis and decisions - Forecasts provide intelligence analysts and policymakers with a source of diverse insight into high-risk, rapidly changing world events and contribute to the use of forecasting in critical government offices.

  • Invitations to exclusive Pro events - Pros are invited to attend exclusive virtual events and forecasting meetups with global experts in science & technology and geopolitical topics. 

If you have additional questions about the Pro Forecaster program, please email [email protected].


INFER (INtegrated Forecasting and Estimates of Risk) uses crowdsourced forecasting to generate early warning and signals about the complex future that policy and decisionmakers must act upon. It involves an ecosystem of forecasting platforms that aggregate the diverse perspectives of a global community inside and outside the U.S. government.

INFER is led by RAND with support from Cultivate Labs.

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