What percentage of AI papers posted on arXiv will be in the field of computer vision between July 1 and December 31, 2020, inclusive?

Started Jun 22, 2020 03:09PM UTC
Closed Dec 07, 2020 09:59PM UTC

Data and resolution details. This question resolves based on arXiv data. ArXiv is an open-access repository for pre-print papers. Authors organize their papers under one or more arXiv category. For this question, a paper is an "AI" paper if it's labeled any of the following: artificial intelligence; computer vision; computation and language; machine learning; or robotics. This question resolves when CSET receives arXiv data through December 31, 2020.

The data underlying the graph is here.

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Resolution Notes

The answer is 34.5%.

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Less than 30% 14%
Between 30 and 33%, inclusive 40%
More than 33% but less than or equal to 36% 37%
More than 36% but less than or equal to 39% 8%
More than 39% 2%

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