Will the O-RAN Alliance’s specifications be integrated into 3GPP before 1 January 2027?

Started May 20, 2024 07:00PM UTC
Closing Jan 01, 2027 05:00AM UTC

3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) is a global collaborative initiative that develops technical specifications and standards for cellular telecommunications technologies, including radio access networks (RAN). It is the global standards body that drives the development of 5G technologies (Qualcomm).

The O-RAN Alliance (O-RAN) is an organization that works in parallel to 3GPP to develop specifications for open architectures and encourage the adoption of open standards in the RAN industry. O-RAN was founded in 2018 by the merger of the C-RAN Alliance and XRAN Forum (Parallel Wireless).

Resolution Criteria:  
O-RAN currently publishes their specifications here. Information about 3GPP’s Releases are available here.

This question will be resolved as “Yes, 3GPP will adopt and integrate O-RAN Alliance specifications” if 3GPP incorporates O-RAN’s specifications into 3GPP’s official standards. If 3GPP or the O-RAN Alliance announces that this will happen in an upcoming Release, the question will be resolved using the start date of the Release, provided that the Release does incorporate the O-RAN specifications. 

This question will be resolved as “No, the O-RAN Alliance will continue to produce specifications independently of 3GPP” if O-RAN continues to develop specifications until 1 January 2027 without integration into 3GPP standards. 

This question will be resolved as “No, the O-RAN Alliance will stop producing specifications without being integrated into 3GPP” if O-RAN announces that they are no longer developing specifications, or if the organization dissolves before 1 January 2027.

If the O-RAN Alliance changes its name or merges with another organization (i.e., not 3GPP), this will not affect resolution, and the new organization’s specifications will be considered O-RAN Alliance specifications for the purposes of this question.

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