Which tech company will be the first to reach a market cap of $5 trillion?

Started Jan 18, 2022 01:34PM UTC
Closed Feb 28, 2022 01:34PM UTC

Context. On January 3, Apple became the first company to reach a $3 trillion market cap, the value of a company's outstanding shares of stock. The market caps of big tech companies have been increasing at prodigious rate. Apple first reached a $1 trillion valuation in August 2018. During that same time period, the valuation of Microsoft increased from $840 billion to $2.4 trillion; Alphabet increased from $870 billion to $1.9 trillion; Amazon increased from $920 billion to $1.6 trillion; Tesla increased from $60 billion to $1 trillion; and Meta increased from $520 billion to $930 billion.

Resolution details. This question does not resolve until a tech company reaches a $5 trillion market cap. The "other" option means a company other than those explicitly included among the options is first to reach a $5 trillion market cap. Whether a company is a "tech" company for purposes of this question will be determined by whether it's included in the tech company market cap ranking at companiesmarketcap.com.


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Possible Answer Final Crowd Forecast
Apple 48%
Microsoft 22%
Alphabet (Google) 13%
Amazon 10%
Tesla 3%
Meta (Facebook) 1%
Other 2%
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