Started Mar 31, 2022 04:00PM UTC   •   Closing Jan 01, 2023 04:59AM UTC

What percentage of ASML's lithography sales will be to the United States in 2022?

In the face of the semi-conductor shortage, the U.S. is seeking to increase its chip manufacturing capabilities by developing domestic fabs (WSJ, Forbes, Roll Call). Photolithography is a critical component of these fabrication facilities, and ASML is the world leader in that field (Fortune, ETF).

Question will be resolved based on ASML’s 2022 full year results. The full year results for 2021 were published in January of 2022. The percentage of lithography sales by region/country can be found on the pie charts labeled “Region gross (ship to location)” on page 9 of the investor presentation, which can be downloaded directly from that page.  

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