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How will the percentage of U.S residents who are concerned about how the government uses their data change over the next three years?

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Data and resolution details. This question resolves based on the results of the Pew Research Center "Americans and Privacy" survey. The survey asks "How concerned are you, if at all, about how the government is using the data it collects about you?" The answer options are "Very concerned," "Somewhat concerned," "Not too concerned," and "Not at all concerned." This question asks about the percentage of respondents who select either "Very concerned" or "Somewhat concerned." 

The date of the survey is the end of the survey period, not the date the results are published. This survey is conducted at irregular intervals, and therefore might not be conducted during each of the three years being forecasted. If the survey is not conducted during a forecast period, that period will not be scored. This question has been asked once in June 2019. The results of that surveys are available here (pg. 54).

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What are forecasters saying? Here is a periodically updated synopsis of forecaster rationales.

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