Will a moon mission land safely on the moon between 1 September 2023 and 31 May 2024, inclusive?

Started Aug 31, 2023 07:00PM UTC
Closing Jan 01, 2024 05:00AM UTC

In August, India made history by becoming the first country to successfully land a spacecraft near the moon’s south pole and the fourth country to land on the moon at all (Science, Guardian). This comes in a year of increased space exploration activity, as Russia’s Luna-25 and the privately-funded Hakuto-R moon missions both ended in failure earlier this year (Reuters, ispace). Multiple moon missions are still planned for 2023, including two by private companies: Peregrine Mission 1 and Nova-C IM-1 (Spectrum). Japan’s “Moon Sniper”, whose August launch was postponed due to bad weather, may also still launch this year, but a new launch date has yet to be set (DW). 

Resolution Criteria:  
This question will be resolved using reputable news reports and will be resolved as “Yes” if any organization safely lands on the moon before 1 June 2024. Minor damage to a spacecraft or other small problems that occur during its flight or landing would not necessarily prevent the question from being resolved as "Yes". A mission that ends in a crash or other event that results in catastrophic damage or loss of communication with the craft would be considered unsuccessful and would not count towards resolution.
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