Will Israel and Saudi Arabia publicly acknowledge that they are resuming the normalization process in the next six months?

Started Nov 06, 2023 05:00PM UTC
Forecast Window 6 months

In recent months, Israel and Saudi Arabia had been in talks to discuss a normalization agreement between the two countries (USIP). Following the outbreak of Israel’s war with Hamas, Saudi Arabia halted these conversations (France 24, Reuters). However, U.S. president Joe Biden believes that a normalization deal is still possible and says that Hamas may have attacked Israel to prevent Saudi Arabia from recognizing Israel (CBS News, Reuters).

Resolution Criteria:  
This question will be resolved using credible open source reports. For this question to be resolved as “Yes,” both Israeli and Saudi officials must publicly acknowledge that they are resuming normalization talks. If Israel and Saudi Arabia acknowledge that talks have resumed on different dates, this question will be resolved using the date of the second country's statement. 

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