Will Houthi rebels launch a missile that strikes within Israel in the next six months?

Started Nov 15, 2023 11:00PM UTC
Forecast Window 6 months

In October 2023, a U.S. Navy warship intercepted missiles from Houthi forces in Yemen that were suspected of heading towards targets in Israel (CNN). Subsequent attacks have since been intercepted or fallen short (Reuters). Notably, Houthi forces launched a missile from Yemen that traveled at least 1,600 km, reportedly the longest distance traveled by a ballistic missile, before being intercepted by Israel’s Arrow air-defense system (Business Insider, Haaretz).

Resolution Criteria:  
This question will be resolved using credible, open-source news reports confirming that Houthi rebels launched a missile that struck an impact point within Israel. Missiles making impact inside Gaza or the West Bank will not count toward resolution. Missiles intercepted before striking an impact point will also not count towards resolution. 

Question clarification
Issued on 11/29/23 10:19pm
For the purposes of this question, "missile" refers to guided missiles, like ballistic or cruise missiles. Unguided rockets and loitering munitions (i.e., "suicide drones") will not be considered.
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