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INFER explores how Iran will use violent non-state actors (VNSAs) to advance its agenda

By: INFER Team | Nov 02, 2023 07:13PM UTC

INFER has launched a new strategic topic to support a U.S. Government stakeholder who wants to understand the future outlook of Iran’s influence on violent non-state actors.

Forecasting Iran’s nuclear development

By: INFER Team | Oct 06, 2023 09:12PM UTC

Three years after the U.S. pulled out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, Iran began ignoring the deal’s restrictions on its nuclear program. Now, using our issue decomposition process, INFER is assessing the likelihood that Iran will produce a nuclear weapon.

INFER introduces new topic to assess U.S. competitiveness in synthetic biology, focusing first on the energy sector

By: INFER Team | Aug 19, 2022 05:20PM UTC

INFER has launched a new topic area on synthetic biology to assess how this field will transform U.S. competitiveness and increase national security in the energy sector.

Who is winning the AI race: United States, China, or someone else?

By: INFER Team | May 03, 2022 07:41PM UTC

Learn about the factors we are assessing to understand the global state of artificial intelligence and which countries we will be focusing on with our new Strategic Question: Which countries will lead AI developments in research, technology, and human capital in the coming decade? 

Microelectronics: A major factor for assessing U.S. competitiveness in AI

By: INFER Team | Mar 29, 2022 09:54PM UTC

Learn about all the factors we're assessing to understand the U.S. competitive position in microelectronics, a key contributor to the U.S. overall competitiveness in AI.

Assessing U.S. competitiveness in AI using crowdsourced forecasting

By: INFER Team | Mar 25, 2022 04:12PM UTC

Learn about INFER's U.S. Competitiveness in AI topic area and the decomposition we used to develop forecast questions.

Get better answers by asking better questions: understanding strategic question decomposition

By: INFER Team | Feb 18, 2022 10:51PM UTC

Learn how the INFER team uses a process called “Strategic Question Decomposition” to develop forecast questions that help shed light on broader strategic issues.

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