Will Ali Khamenei flee Iran or cease to be Supreme Leader in the next year?

Started Mar 14, 2024 07:00PM UTC
Forecast Window 1 year

Widespread anti-government protests and health concerns surrounding Ayatollah Ali Khamenei have led to speculation over how long he will continue as Supreme Leader of Iran (NBC News, New York Times). At the same time, his recent increase in public appearances, pardoning of arrested protestors, and efforts to restore ties with Saudi Arabia are seen by some as attempts to solidify support for his regime (Financial Times, Reuters). 
Resolution Criteria:
This question will be resolved using reputable news media reports and will resolve “Yes” if Ali Khamenei ceases to be supreme leader of Iran or flees the country (regardless of whether he still claims to be Supreme Leader). Examples of events that could resolve the question include his resignation, replacement, death, or exile.

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