From 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023, how many fatalities from violence against civilians in Mexico will ACLED record?

Started Jan 12, 2023 08:00PM UTC
Closed Jan 01, 2024 05:00AM UTC

This question will be resolved using the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data (ACLED) project’s dashboard. To count the number of fatalities in Mexico for a given time period: 
  • Adjust the “Event Date” filter to the relevant dates. 
  • Select “Violence against civilians” from the event type filter.
  • Select “Mexico” from the Region filter. 
  • Click “Apply Filters” 
  • Change the dropdown box located on the upper right side of the line graph from “Event Count” to “Fatalities”

Fatality counts from previous years are below:

Additional Reading: 
Resolution Notes

ACLED recorded 5,656 fatalities from violence against civilians in Mexico.

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