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2022 Pub Post

  • December 2022 It's a wrap on season one
  • November 2022 IBM, Google, and U.S. patents help signal trends in quantum computing
  • October 2022 Adoption of alternative fuels, quarterly reports, & future headlines
  • September 2022 Synthetic Biology at the Pump, Upcoming Event, Training & More
  • August 2022 Forecast the future of Synthetic Biology, watch the Fireside Chat, Pro tips, and more
  • July 2022 The next generation of AI, ⚡FlashCast Thursday⚡, and more news
  • June 2022 Who's leading the AI race, and what's coming up on INFER?
  • May 2022 Which country will dominate AI in the next 10 years?
  • April 2022 Fireside Chat: Reasserting U.S. leadership in microelectronics, plus forecaster spotlights
  • March 2022 Amazing chip race, China's exposure, plus $12K in rewards starts now!
  • February 2022 Team challenge and new microelectronics questions
  • January 2022 INFER Launch Announcement
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